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There is no question that the currently changing times are creating a shift in behaviors, values and attitudes for many individuals.


A shift also frequently happens for individuals facing a chronic or major illness, loss or economic difficulties. .  Some individuals decide, even without outside influences, to make lifestyle changes that may take them on a new path.


A major shift or transition in life may initially create fear.  For many, this personal path can necessitate a valuable re-prioritizing of goals, money and attention. On a deeper level, loss, whether it is a job, relationship or health, may also be an opportunity for realignment to personal values and a search for meaning.


Change is also an opportunity to live more in the present moment. The Tools of Support page list some brief and powerful ways to consider new choices for maintaining balance throughout change. Staying aware of any internal dialogue that may block your choice factor is very important to this process.

The barn is burnt down but now I can see the moon...
                          ~  Masahide
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