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Be well, be kind to yourself and others...

I am retiring and closing my private hypnotherapy practice as of September 30, 2022.

I’ve received many thanks over the last 40+ years in my practice.  This note is where I thank you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to sit with you when you were struggling and vulnerable.  Your human spirit, your desire to push through difficult times, and your resilience has been a gift for me to witness. Your willingness to trust the unknown and explore levels of consciousness or just sit with your breath has been a gift to me of trust.

Thank you for showing me the true tenacity of the human spirit. I have been blessed that my work has allowed me to witness the genuine strength that lies within each human being who walks this earth.

Thank you for teaching me so much. Each time we had a session, you shared with me your insights that you had garnered through your own journey. You entrusted me with your thoughts and observations, and I thank you sharing your invaluable wisdom. We often innately know so much more than we give ourselves credit for. You have enriched my life beyond measure.

With appreciation and love,




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