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Creating Community

Transitions can sometimes be challenging. They can be a turning point that enhances your life. Due to a change in relationships or a need to reduce housing costs, shared housing may be an excellent option for you. Economic challenges may also present opportunities to re-prioritize or downsize. Perhaps your seldom used guest room could provide additional monthly income. Perhaps your adult children have left home and you would enjoy renting an extra bedroom to a college student or someone with common interests. Perhaps you already have a friend in mind, and just want to check your compatibility.  It may be a time for you to expand your community and share resources.

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.

                                           ~ Tom Stoppard

Research shows that indivdiuals tend to isolate as they age which could contribute to depression and anxiety.  Learning to accept and enter a "new chapter of life" can be easier if we stay socially engaged and continue to live a creative life with purpose. Explore the following links for more information.


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